Bright Black Heaven
Blaqk Audio
Released September 11, 2012
Recorded 2009 - 2012
Length 48:21+
Label Superball Music
Producer Jade Puget

Bright Black Heaven is the second studio album by electronic music duo Blaqk Audio.

Background Edit

History Edit

Bright Black Heaven was revealed to be ready prior to the release of AFI record Crash Love in 2009, but was delayed because Puget and Havok felt that "if all of a sudden we're doing two Blaqk Audio records in a row people will think AFI is not happening or something." Puget estimated that he has written over 70 songs at the time, so the album may have undergone revision since. [1]

New material started to play on California-based radio station Live105 in 2010; songs "Ill Lit Ships" debuted in February, "Mouth to Mouth" in October, and "Cold War" in December.[2] Meanwhile, Sirius XM Radio's BPM began playing "Bon Voyeurs" in July.[3]

A year later, an interview with Havok revealed that they were looking for a new record label to distribute the album after their previous deal fell through.[4]

Reception Edit

Track listing Edit

All tracks were written by Jade Puget. Lyrics written by Davey Havok.

  1. "Cold War" - 2:30
  2. "Fade to White" - 3:30
  3. "Faith Healer" - 4:45
  4. "Deconstructing Gods" - 4:45
  5. "Everybody's Friends" - 3:56
  6. "Let's Be Honest" - 4:20
  7. "With Your Arms Around You" - 4:27
  8. "Bliss" - 4:09
  9. "Bon Voyeurs" - 3:59
  10. "The Witness" - 3:18
  11. "Say Red" - 3:53
  12. "Ill-lit Ships" - 4:49

Total: 48:21

Bonus Tracks Edit

  1. "Bite Your Tongue" (iTunes Store exclusive) - 3:37
  2. "Mouth to Mouth" - 3:06
  3. "The Switch" - 5:07
  4. "Down Here" (Faith Healer Remix EP on Beatport) - 4:02

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References Edit

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