Love Like Winter
Released 2006
Format CD, 7", digital
Recorded 2006
Genre Alternative Rock
Length 2:45
Label Interscope
Producer Jerry Finn

Love Like Winter is the second single from AFI's seventh studio album DECEMBERUNDERGROUND. It was released on September 26, 2006 and was accompanied by a music video directed by long time collaborator Marc Webb.

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AFI appeared on Total Request Live on the date of the single's release to premiere the video. It spent a total of forty days on the countdown, peaking at number one. It retired at number seven, and was the shortest living music video to be on the countdown.

Video Edit

The video takes place in a snowy forest, where Davey approaches the rest of the band that awaits him on a trail. As they wander into the landscape, a blizzard suddenly forms, freezing the band members one by one as a figure watches from afar.

AFI - Love Like Winter

AFI - Love Like Winter

The storm eventually calms, and Davey emerges as the only survivor. The figure slowly approaches and shares a brief intimate moment with him, but walks away shortly afterwards. Davey starts to give chase, only to stop as he notices a pair of frozen hands in the snow bank nearby.

The figure unmasks itself to be a woman; a beautiful representation of evil, and Davey falls into a frozen pond below. As he attempts to save himself, she appears behind him, and the two share a kiss as Davey drowns in the water.

A longer cut of the video was uploaded onto Yahoo Video on November 15, containing additional footage at the beginning played to the last minute of the preceding track, The Interview. It was however removed, and has since been uploaded to YouTube.

Behind the scenes Edit

The music video was directed by Marc Webb, who has directed the band's videos: The Days of the Phoenix, The Leaving Song Pt. ll, and more recently Miss Murder.

A series of behind the scene videos, hosted by Smith Puget, explores many of the concept and ideas, such as the mysterious woman being the representation of "loneliness."[1][2][3]


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