Released March 10, 2014
Recorded  ?
Length 10:14
Label Self-released
Producer Jade Puget

XTRMST is the first extended play by hardcore music duo XTRMST. It was self-released as a cassette tape in a limited quantity on March 10, 2014 followed by a free digital download.

Background Edit

History Edit

The extended play was originally given away for free as a cassette tape at Vacation Vinyl, a record store in Los Angeles[1]. The songs were uploaded shortly afterwards on XTRMST's SoundCloud page, following immediate speculation correctly identifying the vocalist to be Havok.[2] Puget then confirmed on Twitter of the pair's involvement.[3]

Production Edit

XTRMST's songs are composed by Jade Puget; who plays his guitar live, but has appeared to have programmed the bass and drums.[4] Havok's vocals are reminiscent of his original screaming style of singing, which has been absent since the release of AFI record The Art of Drowning.

The lyrics generally center around the intolerance of anti-drug use, while also containing elements of spoken word, and chanting.

Reception Edit

Critical reception has been generally well received.

Track listing Edit

  1. "Dirty Nails" - 3:07
  2. "Conformist" - 2:37
  3. "Exterminate" - 1:57
  4. "The Breed" - 2:33

Total: 10:14

Personnel Edit

  • Jade Puget: Guitar, Programming, Production, Primary Composer
  • Davey Havok: Lead vocals, Lyricist

References Edit

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